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I wake up in an unfamiliar room, tended to by a strange man who watches me with dark indigo eyes. He says he’s Erac, my betrothed, that I’m safe now with him and my father. A pair of brothers poisoned me, he says, turned me against those I love, and the only way to remove their poison was to strip me of my memories.


Without them, I am empty, lost in a sea of confusion with no concept of myself, and a hollowness inside that leaves me bitter and full of questions. Erac teaches me magic, and my father teaches me chess, while I must fight for answers about my past. Isolated with only Erac’s cruelty and my father’s aloofness, I find friendship in a servant boy, George, who hints at the life I yearn to recall. Even as I try to help my father reclaim what is rightfully ours, I begin to unravel the mystery that left me shattered, but the truth may be far from what I’ve been told.




Ella’s gone. Again. There’s not enough liquor in all of Caleum for me to handle this hell. I need to find my strength and a way to get my wife back. Experiencing Erac raping my wife as she pleads for it to stop damn near destroys me, but they’ve tried to kill me before and failed. Selene is furious with my marriage, and jealousy drives her to condemn me if I don’t refute my vows. I fight to keep the crown and my mind as I work to find a way to bring Ella home. This might kill me, but I can’t give up. I don’t know when all of Caleum became my responsibility, but someone has to kill Viktor or die trying.

Anna S.

I loved this book series. The twists and turns throughout each book come to a very satisfying and gratifying ending. I wish there more books and story lines of Ella and her journey.

Brittney S.

"While Morella is still our central character, in this finale we also get to hang out with her friends and watch them grow through this compelling trauma and humor ridden rollercoaster of a book, so at the end you feel like you are part of the family and you never want it to end. And when it inevitably does end, you will want to go read the whole series over again."

Heidi P.

Finished books 2 & 3 in under 24 hours because I needed to know what happened. Declan & Ella is a love unmatched by any movie or story in existence. Highly recommend the trilogy, just make sure you have time to read because it’s nearly impossible to put down.
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