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My name is Morella Rowena Annabelle Byron. It is as pretentious as everything else in my life appears to be. As heir to one-fourth of Caleum, one might expect nothing less. Appearances can be deceiving, though.

I am under my father’s complete control and have torn my soul to pieces to perform his dirty work. I have tried to fight against it, but when he gives me an order, I cannot refuse. His latest plot has me engaged to a man I barely know. I am treading on eggshells to make this relationship work while my father, Viktor, is determined to have what he sold me for.
A man he sends me to keep quiet blathers on in riddles about the spirit runes, but the runes are nothing more than a myth. Right?

The chessboard is set. Viktor is moving pieces two steps ahead of me. I have removed pawns from the board, but I am not the only piece he controls. I am working to uncover his plan and even more desperate to gain my freedom.


"This story had pretty much everything you’d want in a dark fantasy/romance (let me just take a pause to emphasize DARK), but was unlike anything I’ve read or heard about before. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters even when they annoyed and infuriated me."


"I was hooked on the storyline from the start. Morella's journey has plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked." 

Anna S.

I loved this book! The book was thrilling, adventurous, and captivating all within the first few chapters. I am typically a slower reader, but I finished this book in less than a week. 
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